The Short Bio: 

Natalie Marion is a lover of color, line and where the two meet, overlap and intermingle. She is an illustrator and project manager in the United States with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Michigan State University and a Digital Print Certificate from the College for Creative Studies. Pencil, pen, marker, paper, digital drawing tablets, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are her tools of choice. 

She enjoys developing goofy to sincere characters and real to imaginary animals in pleasing settings that aim to make the viewer smile—maybe even chuckle. Natalie finds inspiration in her daily observations, daydreams, friends, family and her two cats and one dog.

The Not So Short Bio:

Natalie Marion was born and raised in southeast Michigan where she is a freelance illustrator and senior project manager at GTB.

A graduate of Michigan State University’s 
advertising program in 2005, she began her career with stints on both sides of the
creative fence—in graphic design, writing
and production management. 

In 2007, she began fueling projects at ad agency Topolewski led by Cannes Grand Prix winner Gary Topolewski. There, she was a triple threat, straddling roles of creative, account management and production with equal ease and enthusiasm. From there she traveled to digital marketing agency Hunch Free to manage projects and billing, strategize websites and design email marketing. 

In between managing projects, she earned
a Digital Print Certificate at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies and began her freelance illustration career. Natalie’s illustration successes continue to thrive as she produces content with Michigan-based companies
and BarkPost writing and editorial staff.

When she’s not illustrating, she works at GTB managing studio projects from concept to completion. Together with amazing designers, retouchers and production artists, they deliver astute work that makes people act and feel. That’s the point, right?

Whether she’s helping solve a client’s marketing challenge, rendering heartfelt moments between dog owner and dog, or sewing projects by hand, Natalie’s unique blend of creative vision and pragmatism brings ideas to life on-time and in-budget. She motivates and organize her colleagues
to solve sticky branding puzzles. She’s the glue of the team—shaping connections, coordinating people, double checking work. Natalie is sticking to strategy and checking
all the major details. Because, frankly, there are no minor ones.

The Nitty Gritty:






  • 2013 - Today | 826michigan | Tutor, Illustrator & June 2016 Volunteer of the Month
  • 2014 - 2015 | Detroit Zoo | Volunteer



  • Bringing projects to life
  • Planning, organizing & solving problems
  • Thinking abstractly & creatively
  • Sharing opinions & insight
  • Cultivating ideas & connecting with others



  • Inspirational people & companies
  • Making art, making food, making progress
  • Getting stuff done
  • Cheeseburgers & tacos
  • Laughing

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